The Sleeping Queen.

The Sleeping Queen.

The sleeping queen is a popular destination in North Norway for people who likes to walk long trips. You can find the mountain in Narvik municipality.

(In this picture you can see where the trail goes to climb the mountain.)

It takes 4-5 hours to walk up the mountain. On the way up there is a steep climb,but you don’t need to climb. It’s a clear path and the path is well marked.


Here is some info about The sleeping queen.

The height of the mountain is: 1552 meters above sea level.

Tour type: Hike

Length: 6 km one way.

Time: 4-5 hours up.

Climb: 1330 meters

Difficult level: a little difficult.

The view is pretty amazing from the top. As you can see in the picture. When you are standing from the end of the top, you can see all of Narvik. One thing that characterizes The sleeping queen is at the top they have placed a stone tower.

It’s actually written a poem about this mountain you can read it right below.

The poem sounds like this:

That dearest sight I know is the sight of my childhood majesty.

The sleeping queen is her name prancing proudly over Narvik harbor.

With the robe of everlasting ice and snow she watches the father holy place.

When the winter spreads the last sprinkle when the spring sun sends the first kiss.

Then she glitters with golden profile against the sky blue one day in april.

Then she has no rival on earth my beautiful emperor at the Ofotfjord.


I recommend this trip even though, I have not been there. So I hope you take the chance when you get it.


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