Snolke is one of the most famous mountains in Gratangen, Kvernmo and some of Fossbakken. When you stand in Gratangen or Kvernmo you will get a beautiful view of the mountain and you will see the back of the mountain when you stand in Fossbakken. A lot of people likes to walk or ride horses to Snolke. This picture is from the top of Snolke and it’s taken by Sissel Holtaas. Sissel Holtaas is a horseriding teacher, she owns a lot of the most wonderful horses. The first one is Nolle, the second one is a black friesian and her name is Leoni. We ride a lot of hacks to Snolke and gallops up the mountain.

It does not take long to walk up Snolke but you will get a better experience if you ride up. This trip is also recommended for children. There’s a lot of blueberries in the end of summer and there may be some wild raspberries as well. It’s not hard to walk up so children and dogs can easily walk up. There may be some rocks that you need to step on and they may be a bit slippery for children. The height is 502 meters over the ocean.

It will probably take around 45 minutes, more or less depends if you want to take it slow or fast. When you are at the top you get a wonderful view of Gratangen and Kvernmo and some of Sissel’s stable. There are some red markings along the way up on trees and rocks. You don’t have to climb the mountain because you can just follow the path, or you can be adventurous and start from the other side and climb it. When you are at the top there will a lot of rocks you need to step on, but almost no trees, just a lot of moss. There will be a small cabin at the top and you will also see a mailbox where you can write your name and tell others that walks up to Snolke is the future that you have been there. In the winter there are a lot of people that ski or downhill ski down the mountain.


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